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Share Everything,
Connect Everything

2014 CC korea International Conference

16 September 2014

2014 CC KOREA International Conference

Now is the age of sharing.

The whole globe is connected, even things are connected now.

The power of sharing and connectivity that techology carries
is making the world a better place.

Here, CCKOREA International Conference invites you to have
fresh inspirations from people whose efforts are bringing positive changes to the world through technology.

  • Date & Time: September 16th (Tuesday), 2014 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Venue : Ferrum Hall @ Ferrum Tower 3F (Junggu Suhadong, Seoul)
  • Fee: 50,000 KRW (free for CC KOREA supporters, lunch provided.)
  • Hosted by CC KOREA
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  • Wonsoon Park
  • Mayor of Seoul
    Former Executive Director at Hope Institute
  • Since Seoul announced “Sharing City,” many eyes are on this metropolis. Park will share the philosophical meaning and the achievements of “Sharing City” project.
  • Jay Yoon
  • Partner at Shin & Kim
    Project Lead of Creative Commons Korea
    Member of Board of Directors of Creative Commons
  • Yoon launched Creative Commons License in Korea 10 years ago. Since then, he has participated in information sharing movement area such as intellectual property right and Internet governance.
라이언 머클리
  • Ryan Merkley
  • Creative Commons CEO
    Former CSO, COO of Mozilla Foundation
  • Merkley operated multiple open source projects in Mozilla Foundation. From 2014, he joined Creative Commons as CEO. He has been an active enthusiast of open movement in areas such as Open Government and open source.
할 세키
  • Hal Seki
  • Lead of Code for Japan
    Certified Developer by Ushahidi
  • Seki is a civic hacker from Japan. Besides he has been working as a Geo Developer since 2002, he is well known as a community manager for solving social issues in Japan. Also, He is entitled as Ushahidi Certificated Developer since he has been a managing director of, a cloud sourcing platform for collecting crisis information using Ushahidi since 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred. He is also a representative of Code for Japan.
토드 포터
  • Todd Porter
  • Co-founder of FabCafe Global
  • A graduate of Stanford Business School, Todd is based in Tokyo and a co-founder of projects such as TEDxTokyo, IMPACT Foundation Japan and FabCafe Global, a new platform supporting the spread of the Maker Movement, which started in Tokyo and quickly expanded to cities such as Taipei and Barcelona.
  • Kyungmin Kim
  • Professor at Seoul National University Graduate School of Environmental Studies
  • Kim completed his Ph.D at Harvard University. As a professor at Seoul National University Graduate School of Environmental Studies, he studies commercial real estate market analysis and urban computing. His recent interest is social entrepreneurship and activation of sharing movement.
몰리 터너
  • Molly Turner
  • Director of Public Policy and Civic Partnership at Airbnb
  • Turner holds a Master in Urban Planning from Harvard University. Before Airbnb, Molly consulted with governments on sustainable tourism development and conducted research with the UNESCO World Heritage Center. She currently serves on the boards of SPUR and Tumml. At Airbnb she manages public-private partnerships with various municipal government agencies, non-profits, and tourism bureaus. She also researches on social, economic and environmental impacts of home sharing.
  • Jeongho Yeo
  • Lead of Korea Copyright Commission Copyright Technology Center
    Former Head of Digital Information Property Right Center at Program Deliberation & Mediation Committee
  • Yeo is on a project of efficiant collecting and distributing of shared contents. In the speech, he will show cases and methods of application of shared contents in various creative activites.